About us

We are a couple hiking, biking, outdoor enthusiasts! Seeking out remote, one-of-a-kind adventures is our passion. We enjoy nature photography, capturing beautiful landscapes, and bringing the wilderness into your home. 


tandem enthusiasts

Carie and Dave met in 2015, and promptly fell madly in love. They bought a $100 tandem cruiser off Craigslist soon after. 

who likes to hike?

Carie, a California native, set off to hike the Pacific Crest Trail with a girlfriend in Spring 2015. What was supposed to be a short 2 week mini adventure, turned slightly longer into 2 months of hiking and the best decision of her life! After leaving the trail, she hitched a ride up the coast and east to the Rockies. She now calls Denver, Colorado her home. She has dreams of someday building a tiny house. 


who likes to bike?

Dave, a Wisconsin native, set off to bike around the country with his college buddies Bob and Brian in Spring 2015. He braved April snow showers in the Midwest, climbed endless hills on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and changed flat tires among the desolate plains of eastern Washington. (Oh, and saw a ton of cool sights in between). He now calls Denver, Colorado his home. He has dreams of someday tandem touring around New Zealand.


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